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This article was originally posted on The Custom Fisherman, and is re-posted here with their permission.  Thanks TCF!

Next to finding the spine of a rod blank, wrapping your guides is one of the most important steps in custom rod building.  When not done correctly, the overall performance and stability of the rod may be compromised.  This article is a product review of ProWrap thread and braid by ProProducts.

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There are many different threads that can be used when building a rod. They vary from color treated (thread that has already been treated with color preserver), regular nylon, metallic, and even polyester.

Many people ask about which thread needs color preserver and which ones do not, and the answer is any nylon or polyester thread needs color preserver. Metallic threads do not need color preserver.

With that being said, it never hurts to use color preserver on anything if you are questioning whether you need it. It will not hurt either way.

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